Privacy Policy

Your privacy is as equally important to us as it is to you! We respect your confidentiality and will never provide or disclose your personal information to a third party. No exceptions! All information you, our valued customer, provide us will be treated with the greatest respect… it will be kept private.

We do not sell, rent, gift, loan, trade or lease any personal information collected at our site to any third party. This includes contact forms, feedback, and email or download requests.

We welcome the opportunity to better serve you through information you may wish to share with us through email or other contact. All correspondence is highly valued, and is used solely to provide you the best service and products possible. Your opinions, ideas and input are carefully considered, and kept private.

Browser Info:

Phelps County Storage carefully studies and analyzes the web site logs only to gather info that may enable us to improve the site for our users. These logs are not personally identifiable, and we have no interest, nor do we attempt to identify/link them with the persons that browse this site.

Email List:

All site users may ask to be added to our mailing lists using the forms provided on this web site. They too are kept confidential. We will not sell, rent, gift, loan, trade or lease this information.

It is our policy to only send e-mail to individuals that wish to receive it. To discontinue e-mail from us simply choose the UNSUBCRIBE option provided with all e-mail you may receive from us.